Deno Stephens, owner & Broker, was born in Arkansaw, reared in Tuscaloosa, and educated in DeKalb County. She attended Druid Hills High and played varsity basketball. She has yet been unable to use all that algebra she painfully learned.

From there, joined the United States Marine Corp. 1989 was the year she became a Real Estate Agent, living in Gwinnett County. She has owned several properties, residential and commercial.

During the real estate recission around 2008, Deno graduated from the Police Academy and became a law enforcement officer.  After four + years, left at the rank of Sergeant.  As a reserve Police Officer / part time, she worked for no pay or benefits.   Community service at it’s finest.


State Licensed Real Estate Broker
State License Real Estate Instructor
State License Real Estate Appraiser
HOA Management
ICC Special Property Inspector
Code Enforcement, Master’s Certificate (UGA)
Qualified Home & Building Inspections, GWN Tech +

A Broker is the highest level in Real Estate! An Agent or Realtor may not sell another’s property unless they are affiliated with a Broker by licensure.

Community Service

American Red Cross
Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful
Women’s Shelter
Feed the Hungry
Helping Hands 4 Neighbors
Elderly Out Reach
Reserve Police Sargent
United State Marine
Kids Day

Home Ownership

Owning a home means a bit different things to some folks. Surly it is the heart of the family, no matter how small or large or who you call family. A place to make memories. A place to rest, play and just come home to. Your family will be sheltered safely from the elements. There will be clean air and space outside for all sorts a fun, private activities. Both friends and family will share a meal at the dinner table. Your kids, their kids, will rumble through the grass, giggling the whole time, “tag your it”. The fur babies will be busy chasing their tails under a shade tree. There is something magic about: ‘Pride In Ownership’ 

Then there is the practical side of owning a home: For others renting, their fee will surpass, exceed your mortgage payment down the road.

Depending on your income, come April / IRS tax time, you are able to write off somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500 – $2,500 each year, …just because you are a ‘homeowner’+. Check with your accountant.

That 30 year mortgage: Pay a little extra on it each month ($50 here & $100+ there), and you can pay your mortgage off in 20 years or so. This my friend, will save you literally thousands of bucks on interest! Then you will be living mortgage free. 🙂 The lender may not bother to tell you this.

Owned property builds equity, (profit). Makes good for a retirement fund for those so-called “Golden Years”.


I will provide you with the prices of comparable properties that have recently sold in your area = CMA, a “Certified Market Analysis” at no charge. Fair pricing is everything.


There is no such thing as a ‘Perfect Home’! There are, such things as the ‘best home for your needs’. Come into the deal already Lender ‘APPROVED’ for a loan or pay all cash. It is called, “Purchase Power”!

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Sgt. Deno Stephens, Broker (Real Estate)
Atlanta Metro Real Estate Services
Gwinnett County, Georgia
June, 28, 2023 / 1:31 am ET

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